For the general public:

  • I gave a talk about “Quantum materials” to the Santa Barbara Astronomical Unit. Here is a pdf.
  • You can see my public lecture, “Strange stuff: a second quantum revolution” on youtube.  You can also download a pdf of the slides.

Course notes from UCSB classes:

  • Here are some lecture notes from a one quarter class in 2015 on Quantum Many Body Physics (Physics 217A).  They try to take a modern view on universal properties of phases of matter, connections to quantum information and entanglement, etc. They discuss mainly many body physics of bosons and spins.
  • Here are lecture notes from the second quarter of the same sequence, Physics 217B. This quarter focuses on fermions. Topics include topology, Chern-Simons theory and fractional quantum Hall effect, Fermi liquid theory and renormalization group, and superconductivity.

Other documents for physicists: