For the general public:

  • You can see my public lecture, “Strange stuff: a second quantum revolution” on youtube.  You can also download a pdf of the slides.

For physicists:

  • I gave two lectures on “Quantum spin liquids, Majorana edge modes, and thermal Hall” at the EPiQM summer school at Cornell, June 2018 (yes, this happened at the same time as the QS3 school – it’s bizarre!).  The lectures are on youtube: lecture 1 and lecture 2 .
  • I gave a two lecture “Introduction to Quantum Materials” course at the QS3 summer school at Cornell, June 2018.
  • Here are some lecture notes from a one quarter class in 2015 on Quantum Many Body Physics.  They try to take a modern view on universal properties of phases of matter, connections to quantum information and entanglement, etc.
  • Lucile Savary and I wrote a long review article on quantum spin liquids (2016).
  • Here is an older (and easier) review article on spin liquids.
  • Here are slides from lectures I gave on quantum spin liquids the 2016 CIFAR quantum materials school.