Crossed-chains/planar pyrochlore


The crossed-chains lattice is a useful one to consider for the study of frustrated magnetism.  It mimics the local structure of the three-dimensional pyrochlore lattice, with corner-sharing tetrahedra, as if the tetrahedra were squashed into a plane, so is sometimes called the planar pyrochlore.  My group worked on the antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model on this lattice (check here).  But unlike its more famous cousin the kagomé lattice, it is not as common to find visuals of it.  The kagomé lattice is named after a type of Japanese fishing basket.  I’m wrapping up a two week vacation in Bali, Indonesia (if you can, go!), where they also have a lot of kagomé baskets — mostly containing chickens.  But I spotted some crossed-chains baskets in the market today, so here we are.  Enjoy!