March for Science

marchI went down to Los Angeles yesterday for the March for Science.  Although there was also a march in Santa Barbara, I wanted to see a larger scale event.  In LA there were 50,000 people registered, and I could believe there were that many there!  It was packed, and the atmosphere was great.  Amazing to see so many people care about science!  It was a lot of fun to see the creative signs people had put together.

My impression was that actual scientists were a pretty small fraction of the participants. Not being a scientist has some advantages.  As a non-scientist, you can feel comfortable with the sign on the left, which is a good sign, but I can’t help but be bothered by the fact that there are in reality no elements “T”, “M”, or “Es”.  The sign on the far right is definitely from a scientist: it takes a physicist to recognize a Hamiltonian!  Wish I had thought of that myself.

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